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有问题吗 用英语怎么说

你有问题吗? 用英语表达 翻译如下: Have you got any questions? [例句] 你有问题吗?我很乐意回答。 Have you got any questions? I shall be very pleased to answer them.

Abnormal ......

what do you want to ask ?(你想问下什么?)what is wrong with you?(你怎么?你有什么毛病么?)谩骂的话就是:what is fucking wrong with?(你他妈的有什么问题?)

Is there a problem? Do you have any question? Any questions? Any problems? Anything wrong? 例句:After my explanation,do you have any question? 经过我的讲解之后,你有问题吗?

做某事有问题 用英语表达是: Have problems/ trouble doing sth. 例句:They have some problems in doing this job. 他们在干这项工作时有一些问题。

I have several questions to ask

within normal limits化验结果正常 test result测试结果 Normal---conforming with or constituting a norm or standard or level or type or social norm; not abnormal 所以the test result is within normal limits. 但可能多用于医学 单独用...

someone is not normal someone is abnormal someone is weird Someone is out of ordinary

哪里不舒服啊? 英文:What's wrong? 你有什么问题吗? 英文:Do you have any questions?

那很正常。 英语口语: 1) It's normal. 2) That's very natural. 3) It's very usual.

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