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你好! 死亡诗社的观后感 Dead Poets Society Review

死亡诗社的英文内容简介 Brief content English Dead Poets Society

好的好的,全自创 There is a new English teacher ,who was a student of the Academy,( which I cannot possibly recall the name of it) (JUST A JOKE) in the XXX Academy. The Academy is famous of it's strick rule and teachers. Studen...

He was their inspiration. He made their lives extraordinary. There's so much good about this movie. The first time I saw it I watched it solely for plot and I loved it. Now I've seen it again and watched Peter Weir's filming an...

死亡诗社,外文名Dead Poets Society,又译为春风化雨;暴雨骄阳,是由罗宾·威廉姆斯、伊桑·霍克以及罗伯特·肖恩·莱纳德主演的一部励志电影,故事讲述的是一个有思想的老师和一群希望突破的学生之间的故事。该片获第62届奥斯卡金像奖最佳原创剧... 百度云的 望采纳

I'm the first to admit that I get a little sappy when writing about Dead Poets Society. I first saw the film during my senior year of high school, and 16 years later it's a movie that is still with me, one that I go back to tim...

罗宾·威廉斯 饰 John Keating 死亡诗社,外文名Dead Poets Society,又译为春风化雨;暴雨骄阳,是由罗宾·威廉姆斯、伊桑·霍克以及罗伯特·肖恩·莱纳德主演的一部励志电影,故事讲述的是一个有思想的老师和一群希望突破的学生之间的故事


This is the story of students at the respected "Welton Academy," a preparatory school in Vermont. Such schools were (and often still are) very conservative institutions that serve as high schools for parents who insist on sendi...

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